The Horrible Truth About Burma (THE STANDARD EDITION)

Mission Of Burma

Released April 21 2009


Format: CD

“Combining rock ‘n’ roll’s traditional fetish for pure, unmediated feeling, with a more modern sort of artistic calculation, Burma’s music could evoke everything from the Beatles’ ecstatic run of Hamburg rock clubs in the early ’60s to the lightning-speed hard- core punk – so fast it often seemed more like avant-garde art music than rock ‘n’ roll – that was developing in the U.S. during Burma’s tenure. In this sense, Burma can be said to have blithely encapsulated punk’s overarching mission: to draw a line connect- rock rebels past and present, and, in doing so, re-imagine and re-establish the music’s anarchic condition.” —

MISSION OF BURMA’s posthumous live album was originally released in 1984, the songs recorded during the band’s farewell tour of the US in 1982-83. Botched mastering jobs and lost tapes meant that the 2009 reissue had to be reconstructed from scratch by Ace Of Heart’s Rick Harte.

The band had not recorded these songs properly in the studio. Demos and radio tapes circulated, but most people knew classics like “Peking Spring, “Dirt,” and “Tremelo,” and their covers of the Stooges’ “1970” and Pere Ubu’s “Heart of Darkness,” from the live shows. This reissue of The Horrible Truth About Burma contains one unreleased track.