Dust Bunnies

Bettie Serveert

Released March 25 1997


Format: LP/CD/CS/DA

Dust Bunnies marked a turning point of sorts for the Dutch rock band Bettie Serveert — singer/guitarist Carol van Dijk, guitarist Peter Visser, bassist Herman Bunskoeke and drummer Berend Dubbe.

The product of a year of hard work, during which songs were written, books were read, more songs were written, and a particular bass player got married. It was the first time the Betties benefitted from the studio guidance of producer Bryce Goggin, whose past credits include such fine Matador acts as Pavement and Come, as well as Spacehog, Kim Deal and John Zorn. It’s also the first Bettie Serveert disc that was recorded entirely within the contiguous United States, specifically at Bearsville Studios in scenic Woodstock, New York.

Dust Bunnies finds the band playing off the organic extremes they’ve always favored, translating abstract emotions into hard-bitten guitar hooks and gentle melodies, creating a backdrop for van Dijk’s lyrical person-to-person accounts, indicting or empathic as the subject demands.