Here With Me

Jennifer O’Connor

Released August 19 2008


Format: LP/CD/DA

“What makes O’Connor’s songs, and this album in particular, superb is that she explores all of those possibilities. Here With Me moves seamlessly through hope, loss, love, reverie, loneliness, and friendship. And each of those themes are painted in shades of gray, nothing is clear-cut, and all are treated with a thoughtful subtlety. O’Connor’s greatest strength as a songwriter is her surgical choice of detail, her ability to render a moment both terribly personal and easily relatable by picking just the right minutia to focus on.”PopMatters

Here With Me is the 4th album from Jennifer O’Connor, and 2nd for Matador. The basic tracks were recorded live with her band (drummer Jon Langmead, bassist Michael Brodlieb, and guitarist Michael Strandberg) during a 12-day recording marathon at Brooklyn’s Headgear studios with producer and engineer, John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.). Here With Me also features contributions from Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady), Darren Jessee (Hotel Lights, Ben Folds Five) and Amy Bezunartea.