Matador Singles ‘08

Jay Reatard

Released October 7 2008


Format: LP/CD/DA

“…what Reatard does best: erecting epics in spaces most would deem too tight for them.”Pitchfork

Matador Singles ’08 is a collection of all the songs from the six limited-edition Jay Reatard 7″s from the Matador singles series which took place throughout 2008 (with the exception of “Fluorescent Grey” the Deerhunter cover on #4), plus “I’m Watching You” which would later appear on 2009’s Watch Me Fall.

Every song from the late Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. is a perfect snarling pop-punk gem, but this collection evolves interestingly (and erratically) from punk to pop.
1. See/Saw (7”#1)
2. Screaming Hand (7”#1)
3. Painted Shut (7”#2)
4. An Ugly Death (7” #2)
5. Always Wanting More (7”#3)
6. You Mean Nothing To Me (7”#3)
7. Fluorescent Grey (7”#4 )
8. Trapped Here (7” #5)
9. Hiding In My Hole (7”#5)
10. Dead On Arrival (7”#5)
11. No Time (7”#6)
12. You Were Sleeping (7”#6)
13. I’m Watching You (extra track for album)