David Comes To Life

Fucked Up

Released June 7 2011


Format: dbl LP/CD/DA/dbl LP+4X7”/CD+4X7”/DA+4XDS

Fucked Up’s 2011 epic David Comes To Life is a story of lost love, global meltdown, depression, bombs, guilt and madness. Or is it? A modern day morality tale set to the dour backdrop of a British industrial town in the late 70s, it’s a four-part play that follows the dark moods and inner psyche of the titular hero. At the same time, the reliability of the narrator gets called into question, the tables are turned, responsibility shifts, and the story goes meta.

David loses his lover in a bombing during an undisclosed war. The story then turns into an internal dialogue between David and the narrator, Octavio St Laurent. The ensuing plot sees the roles and characters shapeshifting as the dialogue about love and hate battle it out. It’s a fantastically complex concept that somehow works. The mind-altering subject matter sits perfectly with the intense and at times gorgeous music.

Of course you could always ignore the backstory and just listen to a fiercely imaginative, powerful 78 minutes of blistering, melodic rock’n’roll crossed with all manners of psychic weirdness. Your choice.