Gone Glimmering


Released May 23 1995


Format: LP/CD/CS

Unabashed “hard rock” without stupid lyrics and with surprising subtlety, and rhythmic invention…this stuff wasn’t supposed to happen, but happen it did. Gone Glimmering is the often imitated, never duplicated 1995 debut album from NYC “mensa-metal” pioneers, Chavez.¬†Gone Glimmering was recorded over weekends in December ’94 and January ’95 at various locations with various producers/engineers (Bob Weston, Bryce Goggin and John Agnello).¬†Featuring Matt Sweeney (vocals, guitar), Clay Tarver (guitar, vocals), Scotty Marshall (bass), and James Lo (drums), the quartet would leave an indelible mark, changing the shape of heavy guitar rock for years to come.