Arab Strap

Released May 19 1998


Format: LP/CD/DA

Arab Strap were formed by longtime pals Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton in the summer of ’95 in Falkirk, Scotland. True troubadours telling the tale as they live it, these two had been arrested together, fought together, and together created some of the most stark, poignant and relevant music of the 90s.

Philophobia is Arab Strap’s second album, and their first US release. Recorded in Scotland and bearing that legend L.O.V.E./H.A.T.E., Philophobia comes on strong like Bukowski on Buckfast. Arab Strap created the perfect music to accompany the post-rave comedown.

Philophobia sidesteps the mainstream, gives short shrift to the high-brow, and “celebrates” the everyday. Truly beautiful and truly sad. Thirteen songs that recount tales of love gone wrong, narratives of spite and vengeance — fear not, there are moments of humor — all set to the most unadorned and breathtaking of arrangements.