Universal Truths and Cycles

Guided By Voices

Released June 18 2002


Format: LP/CD/DA

Studio savvy when it needs to be — see big rock numbers like “Back To The Lake” and “Cheyenne” — and intimate, even tossed-off where appropriate — see “Father Sgt. Christmas Card” and “The Weeping Bogeyman” — 2002’s Universal Truths And Cycles arc-welds the lessons learned working in professional recording studios to the spontaneous approach of earlier, wild-haired Guided By Voices albums. The result: delicious pie! Universal Truths And Cycles should please lo-fi nostalgia freaks and studio sheen addicts alike, and those few not yet convinced of Pollard’s songwriting genius will be left slack-jawed and drooling at the quantity and quality of musical ideas compressed into three-minute gems like “Everywhere With Helicopter,” “Eureka Signs,” and “Pretty Bombs,” featuring the string quartet Invert.